1. treeresin asked: Hello, love. Just a quick question for you - why is it that you don't use a watermark on your photographs? I'm about to start up my own photography blog for my work and I'm curious as to your choice.


    It’s super simple, I think watermarks are uugly.

    But, also, I would actually love for someone to try and steal my work to make money, I would enjoy suing them for copyright infringement.

    Always keep your original RAW files (having them backed up on a separate harddrive is a good idea anyway) and always make sure to include your name and contact information in the metadata of your images - this is easy enough if you have a feature on your camera to add copyright/author information, or you can add it in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom or whichever software you use for processing your images, just do a quick Google search on how to add metadata for your preferred program 



  2. Self Portrait #39

    that neck stubble needs to go…(too lazy). I’m also too lazy to get off my butt and use my tripod for some ever so slightly more creative self portraits, but just deal with this window light while I think of something better…


  3. apparently it’s Spring, now? Happy Earth Day :) // adamcrossphoto


  4. D I S T O R T E D // adamcrossphoto

    yeah, okay, the creativity was lacking somewhat yesterday. Oh well.


  5. so I finally got my website up and running. it’s nice and simple, I may play around with it in the future but for now I think it’s perfectly fine :)


  6. evening trees // adamcrossphoto


  7. my friend Rania smoking // adamcrossphoto


  8. the magical kind of things I think about when I’m all alone // adamcrossphoto


  9. Dark Forest // adamcrossphoto

    another location scout shot, I’m not sure if I want to shoot my short film in black and white or not so I’m just testing some things out…


  10. I went out for a walk yesterday, I’ll be posting some more from the forest but these were the first two that I took.

    (Source: adamcrossphoto)