1. D I S T O R T E D // adamcrossphoto

    yeah, okay, the creativity was lacking somewhat yesterday. Oh well.


  2. so I finally got my website up and running. it’s nice and simple, I may play around with it in the future but for now I think it’s perfectly fine :)


  3. evening trees // adamcrossphoto


  4. my friend Rania smoking // adamcrossphoto


  5. the magical kind of things I think about when I’m all alone // adamcrossphoto


  6. Dark Forest // adamcrossphoto

    another location scout shot, I’m not sure if I want to shoot my short film in black and white or not so I’m just testing some things out…


  7. I went out for a walk yesterday, I’ll be posting some more from the forest but these were the first two that I took.

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  8. hello :)

    I have yet to play with the multiple exposure features in my new camera so I had a quick trip back to Photoshop for this triple.


  9. My bed: an accurate representation of my own personal brand of anxiety.


  10. I’ve been feeling super crappy lately, I tried to smile for a photo - this is about as smiley as I could get

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