1. I cut all my hair off. I knew I wouldn’t like it but I wanted to do it anyway :S I don’t know…I don’t even like this photo, I have a weird head.


  2. Yum-D Thai, Brixton // adamcrossphoto


  3. I know, it’s yet another selfie, but this was more to illustrate the point that I pretty much wear black and grey combinations 90% of the time and I’m not entirely sure why. Also, I took this not long after getting out of the shower, I always feel most attractive after I’ve had a shower. // adamcrossphoto


  4. Trying to enjoy the last of the summer sun // adamcrossphoto


  5. Our galaxy doing it’s best to out-shine city lights. I really need to move somewhere darker. Oh, and our nearest galaxy neighbour Andromeda is in the second photo, see if you can spot it. It’s the smudgy looking white spot near the tree on the right hand side // adamcrossphoto


  6. avatar // adamcrossphoto


  7. I was fortunate enough to be asked to shoot some photos forĀ Papi’s Pickles, Seriously good homemade South Indian food, they do street markets and pop-ups at various restaurants around London so be sure to check them out if you’re ever in the city.

    These are some of my favourites from a fun, frantic evening in a boiling hot kitchen :)



  8. behind the scenes from a shoot I did for the poster of student film Chalk


  9. Self Portrait #769

    I call this one “severely lacking in inspiration” or maybe “deathly bored” or “please don’t take this seriously” :’)


  10. sometimes it feels like I’m living somewhere else. But, then I get home and I feel like smashing my head into the wall. // adamcrossphoto